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Who am I ?

My name is Patrick Blanchette, I am primarily a Storyboard Artist and Writer/Comic Book Artist, but I can also do a bit of everything else (Layout, Design, 2D Animation). I am the Author of Dreamland Dawn, a 2D Animated series project and graphic novel series, published by Presse Aventure the first volume of which comes out later this year (2021). I began my career
on Disney's Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure at Mercury Filmworks and graduated from University Laval later that same year with a Bachelor in 2D and 3D animation. I have since moved on to storyboarding for Wolf JoeF is for Family, Trailer Park Boys, Blackish and a few other shows.

This website's purpose is to showcase my professional work to employers as well as to promote
Dreamland Dawn as a animated series project. I am a dedicated worked, with great communication skills, always on time and I ensure quality, I can provide great references and I am always looking for new challenges. Up to now I've only done 2D animated shows for television, but I am also interested in expanding my work to 3D and feature films and I have the skills to do so. If you think I am a good fit for your project, I will gladly do a storyboard test if you need to be further convinced.



Sample of rough


Contact :

I live in Montreal but can work remotely, no problem.


Cintiq - Storyboard Pro - ToonBoom - Adobe Photoshop - Adobe Illustrator - Adobe Indesign -
Adobe After Effects - Autodesk Maya


Author of Dreamland Dawn - Éditions Presse Aventure - Ongoing

Developping a graphic novel series, the first volume of which comes out April 2021, including
Writing, Storyboarding, Designing and Illustrating/Coloring a 105 pages worth of story.

Storyboard Artist - Smiley Guy Studios - Blackish Election Special - 2020
Adapt from script a section of the special keeping up with an accelerated production cycle.

Storyboard Artist - Singing Frog Studios - Cool Kids and Double Dribble - 2019 - 2020
Create full storyboards for two series of shorts.


Storyboard Artist - Big Jump - Wolf Joe - 2019
Create full storyboards from script


CleanUp Storyboard Artist - Big Jump - Trailer Park Boy - Season 2 & 3

Clean and augment thumbnail into a complete storyboard
Adjust the board in accordance with revisions from client


CleanUp Storyboard Artist - Oasis Animation - F is for Family - Season 4

Clean storyboard from thumbnail, using modelsheets and background asset as reference

Volunteering and Internship

  • Student Volunteer at CTNX 2016

  • Student Volunteer at SIGGRAPH 2016

  • Multimedia Intern at Éditions Dupuis in Charleroi, Belgium


1st place at Pixel Challenge 2016 for ''Coup d'Vieux''


Unversité Laval (2015 - 2018) Quebec - Bachelor of Animation

Download Resume


Recommendations from previous employers

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