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An adventure comedy for 6-11 year old kids

Dreamland Dawn is an 11 minutes per episode animated series project, I am developing. It is also coming out as a graphic novel series with the publisher Presse Aventure and the first volume will be released later this year (2021). It tells the story of Dawn, an adopted 11 year old girl whose's green eye gives her the power to enter people's dreams. Because of this mysterious ability of unknown origins, she is taken under the Sandman's wing to train as his apprentice.

Dawn's strange looks make it hard for her to fit in, which creates deep insecurities in her and a need to prove that she is the best. She is a hard working, daring go getter who's often too narrow-focused, blinded by her dream of becoming a Dream Engineer.


Dreamland Dawn is currently being adapted as a graphic novel, published by Presses Aventure. The first album is schedule for release January 15th 2021.


The world of Dreamland Dawn

40 years ago, a breach opened between the Human World and the Dream World in the town of Sunshine Hill. Interaction between the two side is not an accepted reality. For example, there is now a Dream Vacation Resort in the Dreamworld for human tourism, and spirits-runned businesses are opening in the Human World. At the center of all this, is the Dream Reactor. A giant power plant which harvest human dreams to produce energy for the dream world. Dawn grows up, in this rapidly
changing world, training under the wing of Marshall Sandman, the genius inventor at the head of this whole enterprise.


Camilla is Dawn's hero and thus, the only person that has authority over her. In contrast to Lucky, she brings out Dawn's serious side. She is the captain of the hunters, who are in charge of taking down nightmares that sometimes escape when the reactor leaks. For some strange reason, Camilla is very attached to Dawn, playing the role of Dawn's babysitter and house maid. With a no-nonsense attitude and a short temper, her and Wendy makes for a great buddy cop
comedy duo.

Lucky is Dawn's best friend and the only person capable of making her give into her childish self. Feeding into Dawn's need to always be the best, this fun-loving trickster never misses a change to goad her into a friendly competition. He can fit into any tight spaces so often travels alongside her in the pocket of her overall and also sleeps under her bed.


Twain is Dawn's childhood friend and neighbour. He is a timid boy, much too unassertive to contradict Dawn when she insist he is her ''Boyfriend''. His father works a dead-end job in the reactor which gives him a more somber view of the dream industry. Kind and sensitive, he puts other before himself which often leads him to be dragged alongside Dawn in her adventures. He is a bit of a scaredy cat, but he will step up to the task if forced to.

In many way, he and Dawn are very much opposite. If Dawn know's where she wants to go, Twain, know where he comes from.

Wendy is Dawn's cool adoptive mom who treat her more like a friend than a daugther. Being responsible isn't her forte and she will let problems accumulate until they can no longer
be ignored. Only if Dawn is in danger or feeling low does she give her all. Underneath that nonchalant and cynical demeanor though, there is a sharp and fierce woman who isn't
easily fooled.

Wendy cannot hold a job for very long and coincidentally often happens to be working where Dawn goes. In contrast with her daughter, she is content and lacks ambition. Though they are very close, this is a point of tension in their relationship.


The Main cast

Marshall Sandman is the genius inventor who runs the Dream Reactor. He is also kind of a grandfather figure to Dawn. He is a teacher to whom she looks up to, an old slightly out of touch goof who often embarasses her, someone who can't say no to her when she pleads.

Very expressive and an eternal optimist with a good sense for self deprecation, no one would guess at first glance just how much stress is on him. With the constant rising demand for dream energy, this guy is way, WAY overworked. He literally never sleeps.

Who am I ?

My name is Patrick Blanchette, I am a Storyboard Artist and Writer primarily but I also do a bit of everything else. I am the sole creator of Dreamland Dawn, and every official artwork seen on this site for the project was made by me. I began my career two years ago as an animator
on Tangled the TV Series from Mercury Filmworks and graduated from University Laval later that same year with a Bachelor in 2D and 3D animation. I have since moved on to storyboarding for F is for Family, Trailer Park Boys and a few other shows.

My journey has been characterized by a willingness to go wherever I needed to and work as hard as necessary to get to where I need to be. Dreamland Dawn is my passion project and I have been developing it for about 4 years now.

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